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The Latest Process Titanium Ore Sorting Technology

    Along with the increase neediness of modern industrial titanium, the recovery of titanium becomes more and more important. In China, titanium ore business is in the middle process neither sorting indicators nor sorting equipment. This needs to absorb of technology at home and abroad to improve titanium ore sorting technology.

    Take PANZHIHUA for example, this selection process: dry-- wind classification—separation, is most used.

    The process exists many questions such as serious dust pollution, Fine-grained mineral separation of titanium-class low-rate and electric election frequent cleaning roller. After identifying minerals, crude concentrate of fine particles of titanium (-0.074mm) content of 15% ~ 22%, sometimes as high as 30%. This part of the mineral particles in the wind as well as the separation process of classification easily filled into dust, fine particles at the same time this part is also easy to adsorption in the separation roller to form a hard layer of membrane, and has reduced the conductivity of the roller, the deterioration of the effect of sorting.

The experiment shows that:

1.Coarse screening of titanium concentrate grade, coarse-grained separation, fine-grained flotation experiment new industrial process to obtain titanium concentrate grade 47.65%, 78.34% recovery of selected operating indicators.

2.Concentrate grade titanium to achieve rough selection of key technology, first-class particle size sieving separation; Second, the recovery of fine-grained level. Should be used for high-frequency vibration of thin titanium screen the coarse ore grading equipment, Tall Oil Modified class for fine-grained flotation collector.

3.Floating Tall Oil Modified titanium sources Pharmacy wide collector of titanium resistant and inexpensive, non-toxic, can be regular preparation, flotation room temperature, and titanium is an effective collector.

4.Re-election, strong magnetic separation, flotation, electrical joint election methods, the recovery of limonite from the tailings.

5.According to multi-element analysis of ore, iron ore phase, phase analysis of titanium, titanium sorting ore tailings are also available: a single re-election, a single high-magnetic, such as simplifying the process of magnetic separation.
    In accordance with the specific ore elemental analysis and experiment, in order to position the process technology.

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