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Methods Of Manganese Ore Beneficiation

Manganese oxide ore 

     It mainly contains secondary manganese oxide ore weathered deposit, there is some primary and secondary manganese oxide ore of sedimentary and hydrothermal deposits, Manganese minerals in the ore mainly are psilomelane, pyrolusite and manganite; gangue minerals are mainly silicates, there are carbonate minerals; often accompanied with cast iron, phosphorus, nickel, cobalt and other components

    Beneficiation method of manganese oxide ore takes reselection as primary.. Weathering-type manganese oxide ore contains large amount of slime and fine ore, the production of washing using a method of re-election. Run-of-mine ore after ;ore wash to remove slime, the net proceeds of mine, and some products can be used as ore, and some need to use shaker jig and re-election and so on. Overflow washing sometimes need to re-election or strong magnetic and other methods to further recovery. Some oxidation of primary sedimentary manganese ore, due to the exploitation of the poor, and the production of a heavy-medium and re-election jig remove gangue, the ore block.

     Oxidation of iron manganese ore, iron mineral is limonite. Iron and manganese are difficult to re-elect, flotatr or strong magnetic separation, magnetic separation is needed to restore the roasting method. Ore-wash一Manganese carbonate一Re-election are adopted on industries.

    Sedimentary carbonate manganese ore, the main material is manganese rhodochrosite, Ca rhodochrosite, calcite and siderite manganese such as manganese ore; gangue minerals are silicate and carbonate; has often accompanied by Health and impurities such as sulfur and iron. Ore is generally more complex, manganese complex embedded thin cloth to several micron particle size, dissociation is not easy, often difficult to get a higher grade concentrate

     Carbonate manganese ore beneficiation has less production practice to study the strong magnetic separation, heavy media, such as ore dressing and flotation methods. Some of sedimentary manganese ore carbonate content, industry: the use of carbonaceous shale, pyrite, and manganese were the order of priority of the flotation process. Some hydrothermal carbonate manganese ore containing lead and zinc, used a strong magnetic flotation process. Some sulfur-rich manganese ore, manganese ore is the main sulfur manganese, roasting methods can be used in addition to sulfur. Some carbonate-rich manganese ore production roasting method used to remove volatile components, has been refined ore.

     Manganese oxide and carbonate manganese ore contain ore which is difficult to select, that manganese and iron, phosphorus, or gangue are closely symbiotic, disseminated grain size is very fine, which is difficult to sort, method of smelting can be considered to treat. For example, high manganese slag method dealing with high-phosphorus and ferri manganese,ore, nitric acid leaching method producing active manganese dioxide and electrolytic method producing manganese etc. have been put into industrial production, In addition, calcium dithionate method and bacterial leaching method are under study.

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