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How To Improve The Grade Of High Iron Concentrate

    Many mineral processing plants in our country are at the edge of low profits and losses for reason of laggard beneficiation process, old rough equipment, small-scale enterprises etc. . Since 2003, China's iron and steel sales has gradually increased,the demand for iron ore powder have also rise with it.As the demand increased, mineral processing plants of different levels came into being. In early 2005, being restricted by State macro-control restrictions on steel, price of iron ore powder declined sharply. Many mineral processing plants in our country are at the edge of low profits and losses for reason of laggard beneficiation process, old rough equipment, small-scale enterprises etc. How to make the development of such enterprises profitable, competitive and mineral processing plant is an important topic facing leaders.

    Under the premise of years’ research on mineral processing equipment design, manufacturing beneficiation products, Henan Gongyi Fuwei Heavy Machinery Factory, summed up a complete program to improve product quality, reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency. Existing backward mineral processing plants, through the transformation of technology and equipment, the quality of its products and production costs, can reach domestic advanced level. After analysis, backward mineral processing plants have following issues should be addressed: 5mm down to 10mm, fine crusher broken one tons of ore need to power 5KWh. Replaced before the fine grinding of the ore crushing equipment for fine crushing, crushing and grinding so the two systems of 1 ton of ore can be reduced power consumption 7KWh. Before the fine grinding and crushing equipment, hammer lining consumption consumption costs, it is necessary to clear the ball and the ball is lower than the consumption of the cost of lining. A mineral processing plant with annual treatment capacity of 100,000 ton, may save electricity and material consumption of 400,000 Yuan if adopting advanced technology in technique process of crushing and grinding.

    Problems existing in raw materials crushing and grinding system

    Small-scale mineral processing plant before the broken ore particle siz is, about 25mm, which makes grinding efficiency decline significantly. Because the mill is a grinding equipment, as a result of the rough mill broken inefficient, when the 25 millimeters (mm) of the ore, grinding to 80 microns (um) the following at the time of grinding efficiency is very low. Then ore of middle hardness needs power consumption of in 25KWH. Breakers of advanced technology, has broken ore to a particle size less than 10mm, when 1 ton ore grinding mill power consumption is only about 13KWH. The methods were crude in the broken system of raw materials to increase a fine crusher, mill before the ore so that the particle size from 25mm down to 10mm, fine crusher broken one tons of ore need to power consumption of 5KWH. Replaced before the fine grinding of the ore crushing equipment for fine crushing, crushing and grinding so the two systems of 1 ton of ore can be reduced power consumption 7KWH. Before the fine grinding and crushing equipment, hammer lining consumption consumption costs, it is necessary to clear the ball and the ball is lower than the consumption of the cost of lining. An annual 100,000 tons of ore mineral processing plant, crusher grinding process in the use of advanced technology, we can save electricity consumption of 400,000 yuan and materials.

    Select energy-saving, high-yielding crushing equipment

    There are many fine crushing equipment, users can choose the ideal equipment is less, it has been reflected in the primary user of the shortcomings is that the hammer crusher and liner consumption, frequent replacement, to Taiwan when the output of low power high and maintaining the maintenance difficulties, long hours and low operating rates. For example, hammer crusher, vertical shaft type, whether hammer crusher or horizontal hammer crusher, hammer life there are short, the shortest of the replacement of the last 35 days, the longest time until the second half of the replacement. Hammerhead and the lining of the consumption of 1 ton of ore need to 1 yuan as much as 1 ton of ore broken the power consumption needs 7KWH. Recommended to the user where they wear a piece of low consumption, the use of long, high output, nesting size stability, and power consumption of the energy-saving small cone bearings broke, power consumption can drive by the other minor 7KWh / tons of ore, down to 5KW / tons of ore. Lining the use of consumable materials cycle, from one week to six months can be broken ore consumption of 1 ton liner, wear-resistant steel hammer, etc. 0.2 kilograms / tons of ore around, fell to 0.01 kilograms / tons of ore, a decrease of nearly 20 times. To learn more about the equipment, please refer to the "energy-saving bearing cone crusher," the use of brochures.

    Select energy-saving, high yield grinding equipment

    1、Currently on the market use an ordinary-type ball mill grinding, the main bearings are babbitt pad bearing, running resistance, and high fuel consumption, large-scale mill is equipped with bearings needed lubrication stations, repair and maintenance difficulties, one tons of ore grinding 25 kwh in electricity consumption (KWH) around; energy-saving ball mill is now used by the main bearing rolling bearing, grinding one tons of ore in the power consumption of about 18KWH. Used lubricating oil, lubricating oil in more than 80% savings. Large-scale mill to remove the main bearing lubrication points, just one year maintenance, equipment operation rate can reach 100%.

    2、Common type of ball mill liner uses bar, ladder-shaped, big wave type, the shortcomings of these types of lining is worn to a certain thickness of lining, they have a bend, deformation, resulting in can not be used; Another drawback is lining the surface of the shape of simple ball and lining of the small contact area, grinding capacity is not enough low grinding efficiency, resulting in low production mill. Users here recommend a dual U-lining, the advantages of such a lining along the circumferential direction of cylinder mill corrugated; direction along the trench axis mill. Mill in operation, so that a high degree of grinding body upgrade, and with the contact surface between the liner and more to improve the efficiency of the grinding, the mill liner than the regular opportunity to increase production more than 6%.

    Concentrate after grinding to improve the classification performance, reduced wear and increasing grade of ore powder

    Ore powder after fine crushing of some mineral processing plant directly into the magnetic separator for magnetic separation. Shanxi Jiaocheng such as a home mineral processing plant, ball milling the powder is not magnetic separation directly after grading, the results of the powder particle size uneven thickness. Coarse powder of low-grade; detailed, although the high-grade powder, but the low magnetic field strength, poor adsorption capacity. With the water flowing into the tailings, so that the grade of iron ore powder low end of serious running. It is suggested to manufacturers of such beneficiation process, grinding the material after the classification must be screened and then magnetic separation. Different ores have different monomer dissociation when at highest stages. Too coarse particle size, separation of impurities in the ore does not go out, there will be low-grade ores; if the particle size too small mill will mainly be a waste of the grinding mill and grinding time. Because the ore particle size less than 10μm in the slag increased by 1% each, and its grinding time should be increased by 2%, electricity consumption and the wear lining ball, have a corresponding increase of 2%;, therefore, do everything possible to reduce fossil-off grinding content, is to improve mill output and lower power consumption to increase fine iron power of the most effective means of recovery. The use of sub-screening measures, so that do not meet the mineral particle size to return to re-mill grinding, particle size to meet the requirements of sub-fossil election sent a timely manner so that not only improve the concentrate grade and increased mill grinding efficiency.

    There are many minerals classification methods, in which spiral classifier classification is the most primitive equipment. Grouping method is simple, slightly worse classification accuracy is generally applied to a period of exclusive mineral grinding grade material. Requirements of iron ore in the final product 80μm sieve size of the volume of negative 100%, the first paragraph of the classification can be spiral classifier; bis graded high-frequency small screen can be used. If the iron ore powder end product of negative 80μm particle size less than 100% concentration, the larger sizes of mineral particles less the proportion of high-frequency screen film screen wear is not serious under the premise of high-frequency vibration can be grading sieve, sieve conducted under the magnetic separation of ore; the coarse sieve mine and return to re-grinding mill. There is also a classification Hydrocyclone equipment. There are more large-scale mineral processing plant, removed some, after the mill bis spiral classifier equipment, switch to the hydrocyclone. This method is not only played a slag thickness of the grading, and increased slurry concentration before magnetic separation, dewatering equipment to reduce the level. The device also used in non-magnetic powder check the rating before the pulp concentration, played a good results. How to Select grade screening equipment, mineral processing equipment, please refer to the manual and the company's grading machine, high frequency screen, the use of hydrocyclones statement.
    To sum up, the mineral processing plant with low-level technology, through process technology, can improve product quality more than 66.5%, so that it will be a good selling price. And then through technology equipment, the production power consumption can be dropped to more than 25%, the production can be increased by 30%. The consumption of liner, hammer, steel ball, is reduced more than 15%, so that overall economic indicators have reached domestic advanced level, and it improves the economic efficiency of enterprises, increases the competitiveness of enterprises create good conditions for business development and future expansion.

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